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Buy my first Badminton Racket

I must take a sport Since my stomach is growing very fast. In Kulai here, every tuesday my colleague them will go to indah Putra sport center to play badminton. Therefore, i decide to buy a badminton racket and play with them.

Just beside the sport center , there is a Badminton Shop and the uncle recommend me to buy a second hand racket since i told him i want a “cheap, good, and nice looking” racket which it cost me Rm70 and Rm10 for the bag.

No Bad.. 4 matches 2 won 2 lose. As a beginner , i quite satisfied with the result. hehe. and i am learning how to “smash”  then next time can “smash” my colleague.

my other colleague told me that badminton from this shop is very expensive and my second hand badminton is too expensive. This make me very sad… :-(.


First Time to write a blog

Everyone have a blogger.  This a trend now and we know among 10 ppl of our friends sure will got at least 4 of them have their own blogger(but also depends on your friend whether they play internet or not .. hehe).Precisely, i must have a blog.

Last time i had registered for 1 blog account but just leave it there and lazy to post a mesagge there.

 Until i have visit Chiang and Lee blogger and it make me decide to start my blog.


Virtual world have a virtual reality. How real it is!!