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“Dude” Notification by using BLAT

I have tried several time to send a notification to my mobile phone but it still not successful. The problem is  i am able to send a mail to my mobile from my outlook express but cant from this dude software…. it shows “invalid TO address”

  luckily got google tai koh, and i found that there is way to solve this problem by using Blat.exe

set notification to “execute on server”

 blat -to -u xxxx -pw xxxxx -s “[Device.Name] is [Device.Status].Problem: -[Service.ProblemDescription]” -body FYI



First Time to write a blog

Everyone have a blogger.  This a trend now and we know among 10 ppl of our friends sure will got at least 4 of them have their own blogger(but also depends on your friend whether they play internet or not .. hehe).Precisely, i must have a blog.

Last time i had registered for 1 blog account but just leave it there and lazy to post a mesagge there.

 Until i have visit Chiang and Lee blogger and it make me decide to start my blog.


Virtual world have a virtual reality. How real it is!!